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If your dryer is taking longer then 1 cycle or roughly 50 minutes its probably time to have the vent looked at .

A washer which has a drain or spin problem can also be responsible for longer drying times. This will usually be detectable by the weight of the clothes being greater because of the extra moisture in them.

If the dryer cabinet seems excessively hot, probably a vent problem. Usually caused by lint build up, a birds nest or some other critter nesting in the vent.

A burning smell can come from lint buildup in the dryer which can be due to a vent problem. Its also good maintenance to have the vent and dryer cleaned periodically

If your dryer shuts off during the cycle and will not start for a while the probable causes are: A blocked vent,  Lint buildup inside the dryer or A bad motor.

Mold or mildew odors in the dryer or your clothing can indicate a restricted or blocked vent.

Little or no lint on dryer lint screen indicates airflow problem, either blower problem or vent blockage..

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