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Early on, you used a fishing sinker or weight to pull a line through the vent then attached a rag and pulled it end to end to breakup lint buildup.

Later a brush became available which was attached to a long plastic coil and pushed in and pulled out to scrub the vent. Ok but it did not like to go around corners and sometimes the brush broke off in the vent.

Many dryers today are located in interior rooms and have vents which take a less then direct course to the outside and are from 15 to 50 feet in length. Today we use locking motorized nylon rods in 3 and  4 foot sections that are extremely flexible and brushes which are designed to allow a high volume of air flow to dislodge the lint and trap it in a filter while scrubbing the vent clean.

Our preferred method of cleaning is using a high volume blower designed to push the lint to the outside where we trap it in a mesh bag for easy disposal. Many cleaners use shop type vacuums but these can pull dust and whatever back into your home, not a good thing. Shop vacs lack the airflow needed, their design is usually a vacuum cleaner motor designed to clean sawdust etc and the air flow at best is less then 170 cubic feet of air per minute, not adaquate for interiior dryer installations.

Do it yourselfers, be careful if you use screw together sections because turning them in the reverse direction can unscrew the rods and leave the rods and brush stuck in the vent.


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