Major appliance repair is our business. We won't try to sell you a new appliance if yours is un-repairable. If asked we can let you know which brands we would buy if we were shopping for a new washer dryer etc.

Nothing in this website should be taken as advise on how to repair your appliances. We advise you to have all repairs done by licensed trained professionals.

Most appliances manufactured today do not require periodic maintenance for good operation. The exceptions are your clothes dryer and some refrigerators.

Dryers tend to accumulate lint inside the cabinet, ducting and blower during normal use and should be cleaned on some regular schedule for proper operation and for the prevention of a lint fire.

Many self defrosting refrigerators have a coil under the cover in back or behind the grill in front. This coil is called a condenser and is similar to the unit on your air conditioner outside your home. Its purpose is to dissipate  the heat from the motor and inside the unit and move it to the room air. It does this usually by a small fan motor . When cleaning the condenser coil THE REFRIGERATOR SHOULD ALWAYS BE UN-PLUGGED FROM THE OUTLET. These coils may need  to be vacuumed clean periodically and also have the dust wiped off the fan blade. When working on the refrigerators it is very easy to unexpectedly be cut  as many of the metal parts are razor sharp, very dusty and can very easily cut you.  The rear cover should always be reinstalled on the refrigerator as it's an important part required for air flow. Without it refrigerators will use considerably more electric and will not cool properly.  

Our primary business is repairing your appliances. We also can connect a replacement dishwasher, dryer, washer, icemaker,etc  if needed. 

Dryer vent cleaning goes hand in hand with our service to de-lint your dryer and should be done when the dryer seems to run hotter or takes a longer time to dry. (sometimes requiring an extra cycle )   SEE DRYER VENT CLEANING