The best place to find a sale is online or in the local paper, weekend editions.

With stores like Best Buy, Brandsmart and now Lowes & Home Depot selling appliances it may be difficult to select where to shop. Well go to the store which gives you the best price, FREE DELIVERY,REMOVAL & HOOKUP of  the new item.  Don't hesitate to ask for a lower price, then walk if told no, the salesman wants the commission

When you select your new Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator etc. Ask yourself if you want dependability or a flashy look with lots of bells and whistles.

Remember the bells and whistles are the first thing to stop working. Do you really need digital readouts on the door. Look at commercial units in local restaurants, they are built to last a long time with a minimum of service. They usually look Plain Jane style.(apologies to anyone named Jane, it's just an old expression)

Many of the newer appliances have multiple PC Boards which do burn out and will cost 2 to 3 hundred dollars each.

Imagine you purchased a new appliance which arrived on a slow boat from where ever, now it breaks down and guess what the service tech informs you the part will be arriving on the same slow boat {check model number tag for country of manufacture)

Personally we shop for American made products, Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, Maytag etc. Their parts are for the most part, quickly available and the folks who designed them usually are available for tech support in the same time zones.

If you are a user of a consumer type reporting service or magazine, remember they are usually testing new out of the box products. Once a report came out on a washer that was highly rated because the front came off.  Look for who their larger advertisers are and then see if they get higher ratings. Many manufactures own several brand names and often you can buy a similar product under one of their lower priced labels.

After the sale, you may find you brought the product for the name brand and their service. Many of those manufactures farm their service out to the lowest local bidder.